Effective Termite Baiting for Homes in Greater Sydney, North Shore, Hills District, Penrith, Blue Mountains, Campbelltown & Surrounds

Exterra Termite Bait Stations – Ultimate Termite Protection

Another leading brand when it comes to professional termite control is EXTERRA. Exterra manufactures termite baiting systems that comprise of an in-ground bait station containing both Requiem bait and Focus Termite Attractant.

Many years of experience in the termite control & termite treatment industry have resulted in Exterra developing one of the most effective termite baiting systems in Australia & throughout the world. Exterra always do their homework when it comes to researching termites, and they put a lot of resources into developing termite baiting systems that work and work well at attracting termites quickly.

Exterra – Sydney, NSW – Assassin Pest Control

Did You Say Attract Termites!?

Yes, that’s right. Exterra termite baiting systems are incredibly efficient at attracting nearby termites.

Termite baiting systems are comprised of a locked station containing just a few grams of termite bait.

Exterra termite baiting systems are more attractive to termites than your house. Easy access with all the right ingredients (correct moisture levels, correct level of carbon dioxide, no disturbances, bait matrix) ensures they will go for the baiting station before your house, making termite detection much easier & lessening the likelihood of the need for an invasive termite inspection.

More importantly, Exterra termite baiting systems contain an active termite control ingredient that will eliminate the attacking termite colony altogether!

Exterra has consulted CSIRO studies & conducted their own research, which has resulted in a highly effective station design that engages termites at an optimal level of consumption.

If consumption levels fall below what is considered to be ideal, the effectiveness of the termite bait station is also lowered.

Kill termites before they attack your home. ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL can install Exterra Termite Bait Stations for ultimate termite protection.

At ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL, we only use products that deliver the best results, which is why we choose Exterra for our termite baiting stations.