Altriset® Termite Treatments in Greater Sydney, North Shore, Hills District, Penrith, Blue Mountains, Campbelltown & Surrounds

DuPont Altriset® Termite Treatment

DuPont selected our team of experienced pest controllers as technical advisors for the development of their truly awesome termite treatment chemical ‘Altriset®’.

We are proud to have been involved on a technical level with the development of such an exceptional product, and we continue to implement its use in many of our successful termite control jobs.

Altriset® is so effective in its application that DuPont® guarantees results.

DuPont Professional Products is dedicated to creating innovative and environmentally responsible products for the professional pest management community.

As part of this commitment, they confidently offer the DuPont™ Altriset™ termiticide money-back guarantee for pest management professionals like us.

DuPont® Altriset®:

  • Stops feeding within hours
  • Eliminates termites in under 3 months
  • Long-lasting residual structural protection
  • Excellent environmental and toxicological profile

How It Works

Altriset® works by paralysing the mouths of termites within hours of ingestion, stopping further damage immediately. But Altriset® doesn’t stop there. It also increases termites’ already social behaviour. They groom and exchange food, therefore spreading Altriset® to other colony members.

  • First, we apply Altriset® according to the label directions.
  • The first wave of termites to come into contact with Altriset® walks through it, ingest it and carry it on their bodies. They cannot taste or smell it.
  • Within hours, the mouths of exposed termites become paralysed to stop further feeding.
  • Exposed termites experience increased grooming and interaction so that they spread Altriset® among other colony members.
  • Over time, termites become more lethargic and show signs of muscle paralysis.
  • Altriset® eliminates termites within three months or less when used in accordance with the label.

Lasting Protection

Altriset® provides long-term structural protection by controlling termites and leaving residual protection in the surrounding soil so that termites don’t return.

In fact, studies show that when used in accordance with the label, just one application of Altriset® protects your home from termites for years to come.

Results may vary slightly by location. Your Altriset® termite control professional can outline specific performance guidelines for your region.

After treatment, there are simple steps you can take to ensure maximum results, including:

  • Keeping shrubbery trimmed and away from the house
  • Clearing gutters of water and debris
  • Make sure indoor and outdoor plumbing remains leak-free
  • Sealing cracks in foundation, patio, steps or masonry siding
  • Eliminating stagnant water on or around your home
  • Getting yearly inspections by a professional to make sure termites haven’t returned

The Unluckiest Termite Treatment Customer

Over the years, clients have moved from one property to another. Now that in itself is not unusual, but how would you feel if you have moved 3 times and sometime down the track, you get TERMITES not once nor twice but 3 times?

This recently happened to one of our most loyal and valued customers. Their first termite-infested home was in 1998, at which point we performed a safe termite treatment whilst the happy couple stayed in their first residence with their young & first-born child. Having a young & growing family gave them a strong desire to implement safe pest control with minimal risk to them & their child. The client stayed at that location for 3 years before deciding to move on to a bigger property due to the family rapidly growing from 1 daughter to 3 daughters due to the arrival of their twin girls.

It was another 7 years before they were to experience another termite problem. By this time, it was 2009, their girls had grown up quickly as all children do, and the experience of their first termite infestation was little more than a distant memory. Nonetheless, when it came time to devise the management of their latest pest problem, the need for a safe chemical treatment was prevalent. Due to ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL being selected by DU PONT to be involved in the trial work with a new termiticide called ALTRISET, we were able to offer them a perfectly safe termite treatment if they were willing to be involved in ongoing trials with leading chemical producer DU PONT. Gratefully they accepted. Needless to say, we at ASSASSIN PEST CONTROL never look a gift horse in the mouth, and our happy clients were delighted to receive their termite treatment at no cost whatsoever.

The success of our Altriset field testing had both Dupont & our clients smiling. With the threat of termites behind them once more, the happy family could get back to their normal lives. Within 2 years of our successful pest removal, it was time once again to go house hunting due to the arrival of yet another set of twin girls! 5 girls in a 3 bedroom home was a bit small for the growing family.

Home number 3, and it’s the third time unlucky with yet another termite problem! People often say everything happens in threes. At least this time, the termite-infested area was confined to a timber retaining wall and fence line, so instead of the traditional chemical soil treatment, we installed a termite baiting system to eradicate the entire termite colony before they invaded the house.

14 years, 5 baby girls, 3 houses, 3 different treatments & in 2012, no termites! If these guys ever decide to move again, regardless of any evidence of termite activity, the first thing they will be doing, I’m sure, will be arranging a professional termite inspection.

– Darryl Quinn, Owner of Assassin Pest Control